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You will get a personalized chatbot which follows your directions. You can also choose your own

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We use Open AI ChatGPT API to power your chatbot. It is the best AI chatbot API available.

Demonstrate ChatGPT capabilities

Share your chatbot with your friends and colleagues to experiment and demonstrate the capabilities of the ChatGPT Technology for your own usecases.

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Create your own Digital Assistant with your own terms

You can create your own digital assistant by choosing your own prompt and rules, the chatbot will be tailored for your needs and will answer based on your directions.
Chatbot examples: recipes for your own taste, generate night stories for your kids, or simply a general purpose assistant.

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Do you offer free Trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial which allows you to send 10 messages to your chatbot, afterwords you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan.

What is an AI Word?

AI Words is just a different name for the "tokens" which is the unit of measurement used by the Open AI GPT APIs.

A token is less in size than a word, based on our testing words are usually 2x bigger than tokens on average in English langauge, while in other languages it can be 3x or 6x bigger.

For example, while the sentence "My name is Tarek" contains 4 words, it has 12 tokens as seen by the Open AI Technology.

What is included in the source code? and how much would it cost me?

You would find more information about the source code package in the following blog post

The price of the source code package is $99 USD, and it is a one time payment.

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